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TTS VTune3 Software


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VTune3 works with all Delphi-equipped Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that are equipped with O2 sensors. It will also work with non-O2-equipped motorcycles if used with an analog (green) communications interface and wideband equipment. VTune3 works by combining your current calibration with recorded data from DataMaster or Flight Recorder and creating a new optimized calibration.

VTune3-HD includes the following key features:

  • One Click tuning.
  • Calibrates VE tables.
  • Calibrates EGR correction table(s).
  • Calibrates Spark tables.
  • When combined with analog (green) interface and wide band sensors:
    • Calibrates open-loop and closed-loop areas areas of VE maps on O2 equipped bikes.
    • Calibrates full VE maps on non-O2 equipped bikes.
  • Auto-extend allows calibration of full maps.
  • Verifies injector sizing.