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TTS VTune BT Software


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VTune BT works with all Delphi-equipped Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that are equipped with O2 sensors. It will also work with non-O2-equipped motorcycles if used with an analog (green) communications interface and wideband equipment. VTune BT works by combining your current calibration with recorded data from DataMaster or Flight Recorder and creating a new optimized calibration.

VTune BT includes the following key features:

  • One Click tuning.
  • Calibrates VE tables.
  • Calibrates EGR correction table(s).
  • Calibrates Spark tables.
  • When combined with analog (green) interface and wide band sensors:
    • Calibrates open-loop and closed-loop areas areas of VE maps on O2 equipped bikes.
    • Calibrates full VE maps on non-O2 equipped bikes.
  • Auto-extend allows calibration of full maps.
  • Verifies injector sizing.