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TTS DataMaster BT Software


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DataMaster BT can display and record all your bike's data as well as various calculated channels. This data can be viewed in real time, recorded and played back, or graphed (in 2D, 3D, or lines.) You can also check and clear diagnostic codes (DTCs.) All this can can be done on more than one bike.

DataMaster BT works with blue and green TTS communications interfaces. Some features may not be supported on all communications interfaces.

DataMaster BT includes the following key features:

  • Records vehicle engine data while riding or stationary.
  • Records data from external sensors, such as Wideband O2 sensors (when combined with an analog (green) communications interface.)
  • Retrieve and store current and historic Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs.)
  • Playback of recorded data allowing viewing of key engine operating parameters.
  • Clear DTCs once repairs are completed.
  • Graphing of engine data to aid performance analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Distance traveled and Quarter-Mile time estimating tools.
  • Dyno graph of engine horsepower and torque based on recorded data.
  • Ability to export engine and Dyno data for analysis by spreadsheet or third-party applications.
  • Print engine and Dyno data.
  • VTune Histogram for custom tuning development.