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TTS Flight Recorder Software


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Flight Recorder allows for on-vehicle data recording with no attached PC. The Flight Recorder is set up using an easy to follow wizard while the communications interface is attached to a computer. After setup is complete you leave the computer behind and can collect data for up to 10 hours with just the communications interface along for this ride. After your ride is over the data can be loaded into DataMaster BT for playback and analysis and used with VTune BT for automatic tuning.

Flight Recorder works with the blue and green TTS communications interfaces.

Flight Recorder includes the following key features:

  • On-vehicle data recording with no attached PC.
  • Record up to 10 hours of data.
  • Select from several DataMaster-compatible datastreams (including VTune data.)
  • Configurable RPM at which to start recording.
  • Data can be loaded into DataMaster for playback and analysis.
  • Leave interface on vehicle to automatically record multiple runs.