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TTS MasterTune Applications

  • The preferred method for installing and updating all TTS applications is to use the TTS Software Updater.
  • Calibration file details are listed in the Cal File Listing PDF documents in the 'Mastertune Manuals Download'. These manuals are periodically updated as new calibrations are released.
  • TTS base calibrations are "installed" on a user's system by running the TTS Software Updater.
Adobe Acrobat® is required to read .pdf format downloads. You can download a copy of Acrobat Reader by following this link: Adobe Reader
  Name Version Size Description Download
  MasterTune Manuals 3.8.2 7.3 MB
Calibration file listing and tuning guide

  Flight Recorder 7.2.2 7.6 MB
Configure a communications interface for standalone data recording.

  TTS Live Support 2.0.0 25.0 MB
Get live assistance with TTS software.

  VTune3-HD 7.2.7 12.2 MB
Analyze data and generate an optimized calibration.

  TTS Interface Updater 7.2.7 12.4 MB
Update a communications interface with the latest features.

  MasterTune2-HD 7.2.13 22.5 MB
Develop calibrations and program the ECM.

  DataMaster2-HD 7.3.5 24.8 MB
Display and record your bike's engine data.